know your DNA
with nowgenome

receive endless information on nutrition, fitness, skin,
hair, aging,allergy,
 intolerance, hypersensitivity, personality, health,
cancer risk,
carrier status

get much more information than 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and other genotyping
arrays based companies

The information contained in your DNA are responsible for the color of your eyes, determines what you should eat to feel good, the more appropriate sport for you, how you respond to certain drugs, the diseases you are more at risk to develop, what you can do to feel better and look younger, and much, much more.

With nowgenome™ you can now access all this actionable info just with a saliva sample, and start your journey towards a better understanding of yourself and your characteristics and towards better health and better performance.

You can choose from 11 individual reports, you can buy the wellness package (5 reports), the health package (4 reports)
or the wellness and health package (9 reports) or you can buy entrygenome™ and the nowgenomepack™ and build your customized report

and for children, you can choose between 2 available reports

how it works

just from a saliva sample to your reports: very easy and amazing!


buy now

choose whether to purchase a single report, multiple reports, or a package

or, choose entrygenome ™ and build your report by selecting the traits
of your interest

and if you already have your raw data, you can upload it without need to collect the sample!


receive the kit

we send you at home a sample collection kit


collect a sample

you collect a saliva sample: simple and non-invasive


register the kit

you register the kit on the website, enter your information and book the courier, who will ship back the sample from wherever you want



at the lab, the sample is genotyped: we obtain the 700,000 variants that make your DNA unique!


your report

we prepare your reports, you can have access online


raw data

together with your reports, we provide you with your raw data, the list of 700,000 individual variants of your DNA; 
you can use this data to obtain other reports and information, with us or with other personal genomics companies, today or in the future 


additional report

with the raw data, you can buy more reports in the future

if you already have your raw data, provided by us or by other companies, you can already buy the "report only" version of our tests, without collecting the sample and without genotyping!

about us

nowgenome™ is offered by innovagenome, an international biotechnology company that develops and offers innovative genomics, bioinformatics and precision medicine services. 

innovagenome partners with the most prestigious and renowned international analysis and sequencing labs, which use the most advanced technology platforms and process thousands of samples every year. 

All labs have ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 certification and comply with the Privacy Shield.

innovagenome has developed and uses highly advanced proprietary tools of bioinformatics analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), thanks to which it can guarantee the elaboration of reliable and up-to-date interpretations and reports and the safe storage of the digital copy of the genome.

nowgenome™ powered by

innovagenome S.r.l.
single shareholder company

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nico innovagroup S.r.l., a  single shareholder company
start-up established pursuant to art. 4 paragraph 10 bis D.L. 24 January 2015, n. 3
and registered in the special section of the company registry as an innovative start-up

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nowgenome™ is a service for DNA genotyping, bioinfomatic analysis of the data obtained and fort the interpretation of the gene variants detected by software and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.
None of the information provided are intended to help in the diagnosis of diseases and/or to indicate possible therapies.

The information contained on this website and in related websites are intended to improve, not to replace, the  relationship between patient and doctor.
 If you think you're sick, consult a doctor. A doctor should always be consulted before making any medical or clinical decisions on the basis of the reports provided.

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