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From a saliva sample, easily collected at home with our collection kit and sent to our laboratories, we extract your DNA, we genotype it, we obtain the list of over 700,000 variants that characterize you and distinguish you from any other individual.

In this way, you will always have the raw data of your DNA available, i.e. the list of 700,000 personal variants detected, in standard format, which can be used to obtain any nowgenome™ report, now and in the future, as well as reports prepared by other companies
of personal genomics.

Furthermore, at no cost, you can choose the analysis of 5 traits among those present in the nowgenome™ reports or the analysis of 5 genes.

Whenever you want, you can purchase additional nowgenome™ reports or nowgenomepack™ of 5, 10, 15 or 20 traits (or genes).


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genotyping over 700,000 SNPs


your raw data


analysis of 5 traits
or genes of your choice

raw data

in addition to your report, you will receive the raw data of your DNA, the list of the 700,000 personal variants detected, in a standard format, which can be used to obtain further reports in the future, also from other personal genomics companies

keep them forever!

99,00 €
with kit and genotyping

receive your raw data, which you can use in this or future orders to purchase additional reports without paying genotyping costs!
you can also use the raw data with other personal genomics companies

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with exploragenome™, you can get endless information about all your genes, forever,
with a single test!

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nowgenome™ is a service for DNA genotyping, bioinfomatic analysis of the data obtained and fort the interpretation of the gene variants detected by software and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.
None of the information provided are intended to help in the diagnosis of diseases and/or to indicate possible therapies.

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