personality &
intellectual abilities

Find out how your genetics allows you to have relations with other people, to develop skills and learning, be who you are, with your unique personality

Learn the genetic basis of some of your behaviors, choises, habits, enhances your strengths and acquire solid knowledge bases to start changing what you may not like about you.

   From a saliva sample, easily collected at home with our sampling kit and sent to our labs, we extract your DNA, we genotype it, we obtain the list of over 700,000 variants that characterize you and distinguish you from each other individual, and we process the data obtained, together with the information provided by you, to create your personality and intellectual abilities report. 

And, if you have already purchased another nowgenome report™, or if you own your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not have to repeat the lab test and to collect saliva: we analyze your already available data to generate the intelligenome™ report!


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your interpersonal characteristics 

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your intellectual and learning abilities

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find out what's included in each intelligenome™,
what kind of characteristics and traits are analyzed

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You can explore how your genetic composition can influence the way you interact with other people.

The way you interact with others (your "social personality") depends on your genetics, on the education received in early childhood and from lived experiences. 

Characteristics as enjoy ability, leadership potential, empathy and many more are influenced by your genetics and enhanced or repressed by your social and family environment.

The following traits are analyzed:

•potential to be a leader
•potential to be socially pleasing and attractive

You can find out the genetic basis of what is called "personality"; although the environment in which we grow up and the experiences we live greatly affect our personality, many aspects of early neural development are in fact strongly influenced by your genetics.

This is clear considering, for example, that siblings, even if they grow up in the same environment or similar environments, still develop similar personalities, and indeed, hundreds of scientific studies have examined  how individual genetics can affect personality traits. 

You can then find out, for example, if you have a personality that leads you to fight or, instead, to worry, your predisposition to impulsivity, whether you are more prone to addiction, whether you are an early-morning or nocturnal person, and much more.

The following traits are analyzed:

•response to anger 
•propensity to fight
•propensity to worry
•adventurous spirit 
•early morning personality
•propensity to depend

You can find out which genetic predisposition you might have in relation to your learning and intellectual skills, and explore ways to develop some of your potential strengths .

Your neural development has a big impact on how you learn and reason, and much of the initial neural architecture you start learning with in childhood, is influenced by your genetics. As you interact with your family and with the education system, some traits are exalted, while others may be disadvantaged.

•ability to learn from experience
•aptitude for mathematics
•aptitude for reading
•aptitude for music
•musical creativity

raw data

in addition to your report, you will receive the raw data of your DNA, the list of the 700,000 personal variants detected, in a standard format, which can be used to obtain further reports in the future, also from other personal genomics companies

keep them forever!

159,00 €
with kit and genotyping

in addition to intelligenome™ report, you receive your raw data, which you can use in this or future orders to purchase additional reports without paying genotyping costs!
you can also use the raw data with other personal genomics companies

intelligenome™ report only
39,00 €
if you already have your raw data

if you have already purchased, in this order or in the past, other nowgenome™ tests with genotyping, or if you have your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not need to repeat the lab test:
we can analyze your already available raw data to elaborate the intelligenome ™ report,
and you can save money!

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