carrier status for genetic diseases

Find out the presence, in your DNA, of mutations that while not causing illness for you, can be transmitted to your children, who may be sick instead, or that your children may in turn transmit: protect the health of your family. 

carriergenome™ is a very useful report always, and in particular if you and your partner are planning to have children. 

From a saliva sample, easily collected at home with our sampling kit and sent to our labs, we extract your DNA, we genotype it, we obtain the list of over 700,000 variants that characterize you and distinguish you from each other individual, and we process the data obtained, together with the information provided by you, to create your personality and intellectual abilities report. 

And, if you have already purchased another nowgenome report™, or if you own your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not have to repeat the lab test and to collect saliva: we analyze your already available data to generate the carriergenome™ report!


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Unlike complex diseases, which depend on the interaction of multiple mutated genes and non-genetic factors, there are genetic diseases caused by single mutations in individual genes.

These mutations are transmitted according to a simple Mendelian mechanism and, when they are of the 'recessive' type, it is possible that the carrier of the mutation, being clinically healthy, is not aware of owning it and doesn't know the risk of transmitting it to their children, who may instead be sick, if they inherit the same mutation also from the other parent.

This report evaluates the presence of recessive, dominant or X-linked mutations for over 250 genetic diseases, contributing significantly to protect not only your health, but also your family's health.

carriergenome™ includes the research of any recessive, dominant or X-linked
mutations in homozygosity and/or heterozygosity, for more than 250 genetic diseaseas including the research of 1,000 genes whose analysis is recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (1000 ACMG-recommended genes).

find out here the list of tested diseases

raw data

 In addition to your report, you will receive the raw data of your DNA, the list of the 700,000 personal variants detected, in a standard format, which can be used to obtain further reports in the future, also from other personal genomics companies

keep them forever!

159,00 €
with kit and genotyping

in addition to carriergenome™ report, you receive your raw data, which you can use in this or future orders to purchase additional reports without paying genotyping costs!
you can also use the raw data with other personal genomics companies

carriergenome™ report only
39,00 €
if you already have your raw data

if you have already purchased, in this order or in the past, other nowgenome™ tests with genotyping, or if you have your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not need to repeat the lab test:
we can analyze your already available raw data to elaborate the carriergenome™ report,
and you can save money!

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