genetic risk for women's cancers

Find out your genetic risk to develop breast and ovary cancer, if necessary, perform specific follow-up test with the aim to develop a preventive action plan 

If there are hereditary pathogenetic variants, in fact, it increases the risk to develop breast and ovary cancer during your life; knowing that is useful because it allows the implementation of screening strategies or risk reduction options through targeted follow uplifestyle modification or using therapies.

Furthermore, knowing the presence of one or more mutation in the own DNA also allows to establish the risk of transmission to offspring.

From a saliva sample, easily collected at home with our sampling kit and sent to our labs, we extract your DNA, we genotype it, we obtain the list of over 700,000 variants that characterize you and distinguish you from each other individual, and we process the data obtained, together with the information provided by you, to create your genetic risk for women's cancer report.

And, if you have already purchased another nowgenome™ report, or if you own your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme, Ancestry.com, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not have to repeat the lab test and to collect saliva: we analyze your already available data to generate the oncogyngenome™ report!


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Cancers are diseases characterized by an uncontrolled growth of cells, as the result of gene mutations that don't allow the cell to answer to the normal control signals. The alteration of the structure and/or function of a gene is called a "mutation". Today it is well known that, in order for a tumor to develop, a cell needs to collect more mutations.

The majority of cancer is a“sporadic” cancer, that is, it manifest itself without a clear predisposing factor on a genetic basis (hereditary), as DNA mutations develop over the course of life, coincidentally, at somatic cell level, that is, those that make up every organ and apparatus of our organism. For some cancers, the development of these mutations is strongly environmental risk factors (e.g. cigarette smoking for lung cancer)

Only a small, if significant, percentage of tumors are “hereditary”. It is estimated today that about 7% of breast cancers and 10% of ovaric tumors have at least one hereditary component.
In these cases, one or more mutations are yet inherited at the time of conception and will therefore be present in all the body cells. This leads to a greater predisposition, on a genetic (hereditary) basis, to develop a neoplasm when, in the mutations, randomly or as a result of environmental risk factors, will be in in addition to the predisposing mutation(s).
Predictive oncology genetic tests, such as oncogyngenome™, are useful precisely because they allow to identify in advance the increased risk to develop a certain neoplasm based on genetic (hereditary) risk.

oncogyngenome™ analyze specific SNPs variants in a panel of numerous genes, including the now known BRCA-1 e BRCA-2, to perform a multiple genetic analysis  aimed to evaluating the predisposition to develop breast and ovarian cancer through the use of an algorithm that elaborates an individual risk score.

oncogyngenome™ is more recommended if the family history shows a high and specific incidence of neoplastic diseases in previous generations, suggesting a high risk of being carriers of germinal mutation.

raw data

in addition to your report, you will receive the raw data of your DNA, the list of the 700,000 personal variants detected, in a standard format, which can be used to obtain further reports in the future, also from other personal genomics companies

keep them forever!

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in addition to oncogyngenome™ report, you receive your raw data, which you can use in this or future orders to purchase additional reports without paying genotyping costs!
you can also use the raw data with other personal genomics companies

oncogyngenome™ report only
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if you already have your raw data

if you have already purchased, in this order or in the past, other nowgenome™ tests with genotyping, or if you have your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme, Ancestry.com, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not need to repeat the lab test:
we can analyze your already available raw data to elaborate the oncogyngenome™ report,
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