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Find out the role of your genes in your skin and hair health and appearance, make positive changes, use only skin and hair products and cosmetics more suitable for your genetics, follow a personalized plan, act effectively against
the aging effects.

From a saliva sample, easily collected at home with our sampling kit and sent to our labs, we extract your DNA, we genotype it, we obtain the list of over 700,000 variants that characterize you and distinguish you from each other individual, and we process the data obtained, together with the information provided by you, to create your skin and hair, aging, cosmetic report

And, if you have already purchased another nowgenome report™, or if you own your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not have to repeat the lab test and to collect saliva: we analyze your already available data to generate the beautygenome™ report!


find out what's included beautygenome


your skin profile

get an overall view of how your genetics affects your skin, understand the differences between different skin care routines, learn to choose the most suitable products for your skin care


skin and aging

find out how your genetics affects your skin's aging process and which actions you can take to delay it


skin and environment 

find out how your genetics affects your skin's sensitivity to environmental factors, and act proactively 


skin and sun

find out how your genetics affects on how your skin reacts to sun exposure and the measures you can take 


hair profile

get complete information about your hair characteristics that affect its appearance, quality, fall and aging


scalp profile 

get all the scalp's characteristics that affect appearance and health of your hair


vitamin and mineral profile

find out how some aspects of your nutrition affect health and appearance of your hair 


personalized information

get personalized information and indications about the products to use and the behaviors to take to have healthy skin and hair

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find out what's included in each beautygenome™ section,
what kind of characteristics and traits are analyzed

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Although the environment, diet, stress, age and hormones help to determinate your skin's health and appearance, genetics also plays an extremely important role.

For example, some genetic variants are important to determinate if the skin is inherently dry, prone to acne, rosacea or stretch marks, while genetic variants in some key enzymes can affect on antioxidant capacity of the skin or inflammation.

 In addition to understand the characteristics of your skin, in this section you can understand the differences between different skin care routines and learn how to choose the best skincare products, based on your specific needs.

The following traits are analyzed:

•stretch marks
•dry skin
•antioxidant skin capacity 
•sensitivity to skin inflammation

You can discover how your genetics affects your aging skin process and what kind of action you can use.

Your skin changes with ages: skin aging (and aging in general) is a complete process in which both genetic and environmental factors come into play. 
According to several studies, 60% of our aging depends on genes, while it is determinated only 40% by the environment. This is why some people age much better than others; their skin doesn't change significantly over the decades, while other people develop wrinkles since their youth.

Similarly, drooping eyelids can become a major concern in some middle-aged adults, while other people do not experience this change even as an elderly person.

The following traits are analyzed:

•collagen degradation
•skin lecation
• tendency to youth aspects
•sagging eyelids

You can explore how your genetics affects your skin sensitivity from environmental factors and use this knowledge to act proactively.

In addition to the direct impact that genetics has on your skin , in fact, individual genetic variants also influence how the skin answer to environmental stimuli.
In fact, while it is true that many skin problems are caused by irritants and chemicals (such as car exhausts,allergens and industrial pollutants), it is also true that some  variants in genes play a key role in the protection of the skin , in the function of barrier and in the detoxification, that is in the mechanisms that our skin uses to defend itself against environmental insults.

The following traits are analyzed:

•capability to protect against environmental polluants
•skin detoxification ability
•dermal sensitivity
•contact hypersensitivity
•alteration of the barrier function

You can get information on how your genetics affects the way in which your skin reacts to the sun exposition and find out what you can do.

Although sunlight is vital, in fact, ultraviolet light (a component of sun radiation) is harmful and can age unprotected skin faster, as well as causing several disease, even serious ones.

Humans differ by more than 1000 times in the individual sensitivity to the effects of ultraviolet radiations, and this is partly due to individual genetics. 

The following traits are analyzed:

global sensitivity to the sun
•photo aging
•facial pigmented spots
•tanning skills 

You can get complete information on your hair characteristics. 

 Your hair appearance (color, shape, thickness, robustness, density) is strongly influenced from our genes, like also their quality (growth, resistance) and aging (tendency to baldness, graying) are caused also by genes we ereditate from our parents.

Hair characteristics are generally polygenic traits, they depend on many genetic variants and also depend on our lifestyle, environment and health in general. Knowing the genetic of your hair can help you to enhance and take care of it, acting on all modifiable factors.

The following traits are analyzed:

•dry hair
•lack of hair growth (slower hair growth)
•lipids and hair (fatty acid imbalance)
•tendency of hair to grayen
•hair thickness

You can find out all the characteristics of the scalp that condition your hair appearance and condition. 

It's known, in fact, that the health of the scalp greatly affects hair appearance and beauty, which receives nourishment from it and on it finds implantation.

As for the skin, also for the scalp health and aging heavily depends on genetics, as well as stress, psychological factors, excessive use treatments and styling products. Understanding your scalp's health and factors that contribute to it is therefore very important for your hair's health and beauty.

The following traits are analyzed:

•lack of antioxidant activity of the scalp 
•barrier function of the scalp 
•scalp insulation  
•reduction of scalp hydration 
•irritability of the scalp 
•insufficient protection against scalp pollution
•sensitivity of the scalp to the sun 
•thinning of the scalp (brittle skin)
•overproduction of sebum 
•distribution of collagen in the scalp

raw data

in addition to your report, you will receive the raw data of your DNA, the list of the 700,000 personal variants detected, in a standard format, which can be used to obtain further reports in the future, also from other personal genomics companies

keep them forever!

159,00 €
with kit and genotyping

in addition to beautygenome™ report, you receive your raw data, which you can use in this or future orders to purchase additional reports without paying genotyping costs!
you can also use the raw data with other personal genomics companies

beautyigenome™ report only
39,00 €
if you already have your raw data

if you have already purchased, in this order or in the past, other nowgenome™ tests with genotyping, or if you have your raw data provided by another personal genomics company such as 23andme,, FTDNA, MyHeritage, 24Genetics and others, you do not need to repeat the lab test:
we can analyze your already available raw data to elaborate the beautygenome ™ report,
and you can save money!

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